HBO Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

Are you living away from your friends and family and miss watching your favorite HBO shows and movies with them? Well, not anymore! Install the HBO Watch Party extension for free and create or join HBO Max parties with them from different locations. Watch your favorite shows with as many people as you want in perfect sync.

How to use HBO Watch Party?

This extension is a user-friendly tool that facilitates easy and seamless HBO streaming in sync with family or friends living away. You can use the extension in a few easy steps: –

HBO Watch Party Installation
Log in to your HBO account
Search or Play the Video
Host an HBO Party
Join an HBO Party

Unique features of HBO Watch Party

To add more fun to your watch party, the extension comes with a variety of unique features. Let’s get a glimpse at the best features: –

Chat Feature
Supports HD Quality
Customize your profile
Compatible with different devices
Create or Join a watch party in a few clicks

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