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is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

How to Watch HBO Max Remotely with Friends

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The new users must know a little about the HBO Watch Party extension if they want to stream HBO Max remotely with their friends. So basically, HBO Max Watch Party is a freely accessible extension that can only be downloaded either via Google Chrome or Microsoft Web browser. Apart from using a compatible web browser, you should download and install this Watch Party HBO Max extension only into a compatible device as well. Moreover, besides streaming individually, you can use this HBO Watch Party extension to create an HBO Max Watch Party. 

So you can enjoy watching all your favorite movies, shows, series, and a lot more on HBO Max with your friends. Furthermore, don’t forget to use its accessible and exceptional features while streaming, as using them at your HBO Party can multiply the fun. The most important part is to learn the process of installing the HBO Max Party extension on your device. Therefore, below are some points that teach you to install and use the Watch Party HBO Max extension.   

How to Install and use HBO Watch Party Extension?

To gather information on how to install and use the HBO Watch Party Extension, following the downward points can help you the best. So, without any further delay, let’s begin it:  

1. HBO Party Installation

Begin by installing the HBO Max Watch Party extension by clicking here. Before doing this, ensure either to have a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser to install the Watch Party HBO Max extension on your device. Plus, you must have a compatible device such as macOS, Chromebook, and Windows.  

2. Pin the Extension

Next, pin the HBO extension to your browser’s toolbar by clicking on the “Extension” icon. To find the extension, visit the top right corner of your web browser. And then, click on the pin button next to the HBO Max Party to pin the extension over there.

3. HBO Max Sign In

Now, proceed with signing in to your HBO Max account to give a kickstart to streaming. It is equally relevant for you and other HBO Watch Party members to have a subscription and an account on HBO Max.   

4. Play the Video

After that, search and select the video that blends with your and other HBO Max Watch Party members' tastes. Ensure to pause the video after selecting and playing it for a while.  


5. Create an HBO Max Party

Further, click on the “PLAY” button, which you can see in the toolbar, to create the HBO Max Watch Party. So it can open a “Create a Party” window, where you will see a “Start a Party” button. Remember to tap on the button to create an HBO party link. Remember, sharing the link is important in order to invite your friends and close ones to your HBO Max Watch Party.   

6. Join the Party

Lastly, click on the received one HBO Party link to join the HBO Watch Party directly. Doing so will take you to the watch party, where you can join your friends and enjoy streaming movies and shows together.  


Features of HBO Watch Party

The “HBO Max Watch Party” extension is filled with valuable features that amplify your streaming experience. Hence, using them when you start streaming on HBO Max is advised. And these are:


1. Global Access

The primary “Global Access” feature lets you invite and connect with people worldwide. So you can enjoy streaming movies & shows even from distant places and across countries. 

2. Group Chat

HBO Max has made an effort by introducing this “Group Chat” feature to fill the gap of no talking while streaming. Thus, by using this feature, you and other watch party members can enjoy streaming videos along with non-stop chatting. 


3. Customize your Profile

Suppose you want to make your HBO Watch Party profile very different from the rest of the others. Try customizing it by adding cute, funny, and cool avatars on your profile icons. Also, putting a different nickname on your username will add uniqueness to it.  

4. Control over HBO Party

The control over a Watch Party feature is restricted only to the Host of the HBO Party. Therefore, enable the “Only I have control” button to have controllability. And to release controllability, disable the same “Only I have control” button. As a result, you can control video settings options such as pause, play, fast-forward, rewind, etc., in a video.

5. HD Stream & Sync

After providing every basic feature, how can HBO Max forget about the streaming quality and video playback? Therefore, it has provided its users with an HD picture quality option along with sync playback video. You can use them to enhance your streaming experience.

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