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How To Use HBO Max Watch Party

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As good as watching HBO Max movies and TV with family & friends, HBO Max Watch Party is a new-age extension that allows you to virtually watch the HBO Max movies, TV shows, and videos with friends & family.

Furthermore, its Functioning is Simple to Follow, as all you have to do is:

1. Install a browser extension to host a watch party.

2. Select and play a show on the HBO Max site> tap on HBO Max Party extension > begin the Party> Ctrl+C to copy the URL to invite.

3. Share the copied URL to invite everyone you want to your virtual watch party. 

This article will help you how to host a Watch Party for HBO Max via the spectacular browser extension. Both groups (host and watchers) must use the same extension and have a current subscription to HBO Max. HBO Max doesn't have an integrated feature that lets you host virtual watching with your friends and family. 

Host an HBO Max Virtual Watch Party 

HBO Watch Party is a web extension that one can get from browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Furthermore, a host and invite up to 100 people to their watch party. You can get the extension by clicking here as well, and then you have to pin it to your browser's toolbar. Here's how you can host your own movies night for your HBO favorites using the free extension:

1. First, log in to your HBO streaming account with your credentials.

2. Choose the TV Show or movie you want to watch and start playing it.

3. Select the HBO Party extension in the toolbar.

4. If you cannot see the watch party icon in your toolbar, you may be required to pin it. Open the Extensions and make sure that the Pin icon next to the extension is highlighted in blue.

5. Following that, select the "Start the Party" button from the dropdown window. 

6. A new window pop-up comes and contains a URL to send the invites. Copy the link and send the same URL to your family and friends so they can also join the Party.

7. Once everyone has joined, click Play to watch your chosen HBO movie or TV show. When you're done, click the Disconnect button.

What Can you Watch During an HBO Max Watch Party?

Watch Party extensions can utilize HBO Max's entire library, which means you can virtually watch any TV show or movie available on the streaming platform with friends and family. 

HBO Max's mass content selection includes HBO's entire slate of original series, documentaries, movies, and laughter specials shows. It also adds Max originals and same-day premieres. In addition to new web series, you can also access Tv shows and movies from alternative Warner Media properties, like, The CW, Cartoon Network, and DC Entertainment.

Despite HBO's reputation as a level-ahead network, HBO Max provides TV shows and movies for all audiences, from preschoolers to teens and adults, so you can find something relevant for all your friends and family to watch altogether.

What Do We Need to Host an HBO Max Watch Party?

To host an HBO Max Party, you first must sign up for a subscription to HBO Max. After that, you only need a desktop or laptop to download and install the HBO Max Watch Party extension on your device's browser. 

Watch Party HBO Max extension is available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser. You can also install the extension on Windows, macOS, and Chromebook devices. Additionally, HBO Max Party supports 100 guests and text chat. 

What Is the HBO Max Watch Party?

The video syncs up so everyone can watch simultaneously. You can also act in real-time to the on-screen action while typing a text into a chat field. Furthermore, HBO Max Party allows you to sync TV shows and movie playback with all your party guests. Currently, the extension is only available on desktop versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

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